OUR STORY: 1921 – 1930

The 1921 – 1930 tournaments were dominated by New Zealanders who won all but the 1921 tournament

OUR STORY 2 of 10: 1921 – 1930

Scotland’s Ted Douglas won his fourth and final Championship when he beat future winner Ernie Moss by 9 strokes in Christchurch. Arthur Brooks would then go on to win back-to-back tournaments in 1922-23 by narrow margins in Manawatu (1 stroke) and Wanganui (2 strokes). His 1923 victory saw four players tied for second with Jack Black, Joe Clements, Arthur Duncan and Fred Hood chasing Brooks right till the end.

Ernie Moss claimed his maiden championship in 1924 with a strong showing in Auckland. His 10-stroke victory over Arthur Duncan became the second-highest winning margin, and his final score of 301 was also the second-lowest winning total. Ernie would go on to win two more championships in 1927 & 1933 as well as finishing runner up in 1921, 1923 and 1937

In the last six tournaments between 1921 and 1930, Andrew Shaw would be the most consistent performer winning three tournaments (1926, 1929 & 1930) as well as finishing runner up three times (1925, 1927 & 1928).

Shaw’s victory at Manawatu in 1930 came by a whopping 18 strokes which still stands as the biggest victory margin in the 100-tournament history of the New Zealand Open as well as setting the new record for the lowest winning total of 284.

1924 also saw the introduction of the Jellicoe Cup for the lowest individual round which was presented by Earl Jellicoe of Scapa. The inaugural winner was Arthur Duncan with a score of 71.

The lowest championship-winning score was 284 shot by Andrew Shaw in Manawatu. The highest was 312 by Arthur Brooks at Wanganui in 1923. The Average winning total was 302 dropping from 315 in the previous 10 tournaments. There was one playoff victory in 1926 where Andrew Shaw beat Ernie Moss by 76-80 over 18 holes.

Year Champion Nationality Course Score Winning Margin Runner Up
1921 Ted Douglas Scotland Christchurch 302 9 Ernie Moss
1922 Arthur Brooks New Zealand Manawatu 308 1 Jack Black (a)
1923 Arthur Brooks New Zealand Wanganui 312 2 Jack Black (a)
Joe Clements
Arthur Duncan (a)
Fred Hood
1924 Ernie Moss New Zealand Auckland 301 10 Arthur Duncan (a)
1925 Ewen Macfarlane New Zealand Christchurch 308 2 Jock McIntosh
Andrew Shaw
1926 Andrew Shaw New Zealand Miramar 307 Playoff Ernie Moss
1927 Ernie Moss New Zealand Hamilton 300 4 Norrie Bell (a)
Andrew Shaw
1928 Sloane Morpeth New Zealand Otago 303 3 Andrew Shaw
1929 Andrew Shaw New Zealand Wanganui 299 2 T Horton (a)
1930 Andrew Shaw New Zealand Manawatu 284 18 D C Collins (a)
Jock McIntosh
Fred Rutter

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