Remarkables Course

Encompassing parts of the original Millbrook Resort course, the views are spectacular so make sure you bring your camera if you're playing this one.
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Encompassing parts of the original Millbrook Resort course, the views are spectacular so make sure you bring your camera if you're playing this one.

The Remarkables course encompasses parts of the original Millbrook Resort course with a great combination of new design and established holes. Set against the backdrop of the Remarkable mountain range, the views are breathtaking.

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Remarkables Course - 1 | Par 5

The best line off the tee is close to the fairway bunkers, but unless you can reach the green in two the right half of the fairway is just fine.

Remarkables Course - 2 | Par 3

Take enough club to make the green but avoid going past the pin – this green can be really nasty from behind the hole!

Remarkables Course - 3 | Par 4

The left-hand side of the fairway affords the best look at the green but beware those bunkers.

Remarkables Course - 4 | Par 4

As close to the fairway bunkers as you dare – this fairway has a nasty slope from left to right for anything right of centre.

Remarkables Course - 5 | Par 5

If you want to attack this green in two then you must drive accurately. Beware the central bunker – the left-to-right slope will gather the ball into the sand.

Remarkables Course - 6 | Par 3

What you see is what you get. The middle of the green is never a bad option.

Remarkables Course - 7 | Par 4

To go or not to go? If you’re going for the green the central bunker lurks. Maybe a lay-up makes more sense?

Remarkables Course - 8 | Par 4

Beware this steeply sloping green. If the pins on the front don’t be long!

Remarkables Course - 9 | Par 4

The best line is up the left half, the simplest up the right. But from the right there’s that pesky front bunker.

Remarkables Course - 10 | Par 5

Beware on your second shot – both the pond and Mill Stream sneak in on the left.

Remarkables Course - 11 | Par 4

Avoid that fairway bunker from the tee. Then the second is deceptive – believe those distances for it’s further than it looks!

Remarkables Course - 12 | Par 4

The pin here is the key – pay attention to club selection on your approach.

Remarkables Course - 13 | Par 3

This hole plays a little more downhill than some think. Middle of the green is seldom a bad option.

Remarkables Course - 14 | Par 4

The best approach is from as close to the left side of the fairway as you dare – but watch for that OB!

Remarkables Course - 15 | Par 4

Beware the creek that meanders across the fairway. You can sneak closer up the right – and if you think you can fly it – have a go but better be accurate.

Remarkables Course - 16 | Par 4

The closer to the lakes the better the angle to the green. If you want to try for the green in one – anything left could be in the creek.

Remarkables Course - 17 | Par 4

The front of the green slopes away quite sharply and to the right. A low runner is an option – otherwise better fly it all the way.

Remarkables Course - 18 | Par 4

It’s very short – so shouldn’t be a problem. But this is no time for the nerves to give way!

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