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Voted the Leading Golf Resort in Australasia for the past three years running, Millbrook is a five star golf and lifestyle resort.
The Millhouse at Millbrook Resort. © Copyright Photo: Chris Symes /
Designed by renowned professional and master golfer Sir Bob Charles, and renovated by Greg Turner in October 2010, this 27 hole championship course offers three different 18 hole combinations.

Set on 650 acres, Millbrook’s course is best described as a mix between the world-class immaculately manicured “Parklands” courses and “Links” courses, offering a variety of natural hazards and stunning scenery.

Set in a natural alpine amphitheatre against the backdrop of the Remarkables Mountain Range, the golf course at Millbrook exploits the dramatic terrain fully, delivering world-class golf.

Played across the Arrow and Coronet nines, competitors in the New Zealand Open will face a stern test of strategy, skill and composure.

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HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT
METRES 383 127 445 308 459 570 161 350 374 3177
YARDS 419 139 487 337 502 623 176 383 409 3475
PAR 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 4 35


HOLE 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN
METRES 460 415 370 203 387 348 324 525 153 3185
YARDS 503 454 405 222 423 381 354 574 167 3483
PAR 5 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 36


Hole-by-Hole Overview

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 1 | Par 4 | 383m

A drive up the right opens up the green – but if you wan a little more room to the left half od the fairway is the spot. Be up with your approach – anything short will probably come back.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 2 | Par 3 | 127m

Beware the tier across the middle of the green. If the pin is on the left, err short. If it’s on the right, there’s a little more room right than first appears.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 3 | Par 4 | 445m

This fairway is quite wide past the bunker, but the left half is much better. If you can’t get your second to the green, then a lay-up short of the central bunker might be a good option. How brave are you?

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 4 | Par 4 | 308m

If you can fly the cross bunker, then the left half of the fairway is position A. If the pin is towards the back, then a little short of the hole might be sensible

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 5 | Par 4 | 459m

From the right half of the fairway you approach is slightly longer but the running shot is an option. From the left better to fly your ball all the way.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 6 | Par 5 | 570m

Which way is the best way? The pin placement on this hole may dictate where you want your second to be. The island fairway is usually best – and a little larger than it appears. But it’s an island….

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 7 | Par 3 | 161m

Club selection is vital. The rock wall looks daunting but may act as a backstop. Left is to be avoided.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 8 | Par 4 | 350m

The pin is the key. Back left or back right and angle is more important than distance from the tee. Unless you think you can drive the green of course…

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 9 | Par 4 | 374m

The front of the green slopes away quite sharply and to the right. A low runner is an option – otherwise better fly it all the way.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 10 | Par 5 | 457m

Beware on your second shot – both the pond and stream sneak in on the left

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 11 | Par 4 | 415m

Avoid that fairway bunker from the tee. Then the second is deceptive – Believe those distances for it’s further than it looks!

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 12 | Par 4 | 370m

The Pin here is the key, pay attention to your club selection on your approach.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 13 | Par 3 | 203m

This hole plays a little more downhill than some think. Middle of the green is seldom a bad option.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 14 | Par 4 | 387m

The best approach is from as close to the left side of the fairway as you dare – but watch out for that OB!


Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 15 | Par 4 | 348m

Beware the creek that meanders across the fairway. You can sneak closer up the right – and if you think you can fly it, have a go but you better be accurate.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 16 | Par 4 | 324m

Beware on your second shot – both the pond and stream sneak in on the left.

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 17 | Par 5 | 525m

How brave dare you be? One your tee shots away, it’s the lay-up that tantalises. Closer the better, but accuracy then becomes paramount. Much more room if you lay back shorter – but then there’s the water in front of the green!

Millbrook Resort Tournament Course 18 | Par 3 | 153m

It’s very short – so should be a problem. But this is no time for the nerves to give way!

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